Erik X. Alonso, Psy.D., LCSW

Doctor in Clinical & Forensic Psychology - Life Coach - Motivational Speaker


Dr. Alonso holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinical & Forensic Psychology, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work.  



Dr. Erik X. Alonso graduated from Miami Senior High School and began his career at Florida International University at the College of Health and Urban Affairs, whereby earning his Bachelor degree in Social Work, graduating with Honors as a distinguished Cum Laude, followed by a Master degree in Clinical Social Work where he was inducted into the Honor Society for Social Work, Phi Alpha and becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  He then continued his career by pursuing a second degree in Clinical Psychology setting the path to continue his graduate studies at Carlos Albizu University, whereby earning his second Master degree in Clinical Psychology followed by a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology.  Dr. Alonso was also inducted into The National Honor Society in Psychology Psi Chi and awarded an Internship at the prestigious Miami Children's Hospital, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine. He continued his Postdoctoral Residency in the Department of Psychiatry in the Intensive Out Patient program treating children and adolescents discharged from in-patient psychiatry.  His Dissertation on an Adolescent Suicide Prevention Program Design is published and recorded in the United States Library of Congress.

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Dr. Alonso is Court appointed by the 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida as a Guardian Ad Litem, and by the Division of Family Court Services as a Specialist in providing Extended Co-parenting Therapy, Parental Alienation Reunification Therapy, Family Therapy, and Therapeutic Supervised Visitations by way of his specialized expertise, concentrated education, and extensive training within the areas of Child Sexual Abuse, Adolescent Self-Mutilating Behavior/Suicide and Highly Conflictual Families engaging in Parental Alienation. Dr. Alonso provides expert opinion testimony and serves in various family court cases as it relates to child sexual abuse, trauma, co-parenting and parental alienation.  Additionally, Dr. Alonso provides Substance Abuse Treatment and Drug Testing (UA & Alcohol Breathalyzer), including Evaluations for Dual-Diagnoses for the 11th Judicial Circuit Drug Court of Florida. 

Dr. Alonso is a member of the Collaborative Family Law Institute consisting of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work as a united front by assisting parents who want to protect their children from the emotional damage of divorce or separation. This team of professionals constructs a stable post-divorce or post-separation parenting relationship that is beneficial to the children or divorced parents.